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Over 10 years of combined writing & job coaching experience


Resume Revamp is a business that prides itself on creating professional first impressions at affordable prices with the promise of increasing employment possibilities for the unemployed and for individuals seeking new employment. Clients’ resumes have received numerous compliments during interviews and have a 95+% employment offer average.

During the day, Kia works arduously for the Center for Applied Linguistics on their Executive Leadership Team. Her evenings are consumed with serving as the CEO and Editor-in-Chief for Resume Revamp, overseeing a team of writers and a Senior Editor as they craft branding documents to help job seekers land interviews and gain new employment. She prides herself on contributing to the increase of workplace diversity through the creation of professional resumes within the budget of those who need them the most.

When Kia isn't working she enjoys spending time with her husband and their five daughters. Her interests include Wonder Woman collectibles, Comic Cons, and delving into deep conversations about movies of all genres. 

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