Alexa, Operations Engineer (03/2020)

As a college graduate I needed help boosting my confidence with my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn. Thank you for helping me get a start on my career!

Bee, Patient Registrar


I wasn’t having any luck booking any interviews, so I decided to find someone to revamp my resume. I found Kia via Facebook and she quickly helped me out! I landed two interviews and took a job within two weeks of sending out my new resume! I’d recommend to anyone!

Andrea, School Leadership (06/2019)

I was pleasantly surprised at how different my resume looked when Kia finished revamping it. I loved it, and it highlighted my experiences related to my desired position. Recently, I interviewed with a campus and felt so proud to see copies of my resume around the table. You won't be disappointed by Résumé Revamp. Contact Kia now!

Liz, Tutoring Manager


Having a polished, well-written resume is key to being considered for your next career move. Everyone needs a great resume! You are investing in yourself when you work with Kia. She is passionate about her work and she wants her clients’ talents, experience, and qualifications to shine even in black and white text.